Virginia Church Library Association Celebrating 63 years Established 1958 Serving together to promote Church Library Ministry
Virginia Church Library Association Celebrating 63 yearsEstablished 1958 Serving together to promote Church Library Ministry

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VCLA Church Library News Update June 2, 2015

Don't forget to visit Morlee Maynard's Church Librarians Network at:
The ning site has lots of good information on reading clubs, e-readers and many other subjects of interest to church librarians. There is a general area for the ning site and then a special site for Virginia librarians. Jackie Harris is monitoring the VA ning site for us. If you have any ideas or suggestions you can contact her at
VCLA Webmaster

 Virginia Church Library Association Update 2/26/15

Here is some recent news from Morlee Maynard from early February. It's exciting to read about the new classification book.

From Morlee: "We continue to roll along with Church Library Ministry on a national level. Some states are continuing strong ministries through the church libraries while others have had to support church librarians from a distance.

LifeWay Information for Church Librarians on

Just this week, I have connected with the Internet team at LifeWay to update our two web pages on The links are the same ones we have had but here's a reminder:

  • This site has our two products--The Church Library Ministry Information Service and the Classification book. I just asked them to move the Classification book to this page. And yes, they still have a few copies of the hard copy of Church Library Ministry Information Service but that edition does not have the updates.
  • This site has many of our articles that remain from our once large collection of articles. You will find both of Charles Businaro's free books are listed here. We are gradually adding these articles to the CLN.

Church Librarians Network

We continue to have new members join the CLN every day. Even though we hear of churches closing their libraries, I am hearing from our new members that churches are either starting a library for the first time or restarting their libraries. These new members have loads of enthusiasm! One new member in California is developing a church library for a contemporary type church plant that sounds very much like the social library concept we have been talking about for a few years. He is off the charts with ideas!!

New Classification Resource Update

Our new edition of the book A Classification System for Church Libraries is off to a great start! Some of you may have missed the information from the LifeWay copyright attorney about the use of the new format. He suggested you may want to ask an attorney in your church as well His opinion is that you can print one copy of the pdf per purchase. However, you can have the pdf on more than one device that is owned by the purchaser. So if the church purchases the book, you can put it on church owned devices. If you purchase it, you can put it on your devices. And you can print one copy per pdf in the same way you would purchase one print book. This book is now only available in pdf format. The book stores no longer carry hard copies. I've heard positive comments about the typesize and placing it in a binder for ease of use.

In addition, if you have difficulty downloading the book, ask someone in your church office to purchase it via then download it to your computer or the church's computer. For assistance, contact the LifeWay Web Support Team. They do a great job in assisting people with the download process. Their direct toll-free number is: 1-866­627-8553 (8:00 A.M.-4:30 P.M. CST M-F) or go to, or email them at:

One Church Library Making a Difference

A couple of years ago, Fay Hudnall wrote an article for the LifeWay Church Library eNewsletter. Her story is a great match to our Valentines season. This story shares how one library team loves people and their church family. As you read it, reflect on how God is using your library ministry in the life of your church family and community. Read more.

Do you have a story to share? Let's start a new "column" for our monthly broadcasts called "Church Libraries Making a Different World." Take a few minutes to write 500 words or less about an experience your library team has used to glorify God. Email it to the CLN ( Can't wait to see what God is doing in and through our libraries!

Let's stay in touch here at the CLN!! May our circle of prayerful support strengthen our ministries.



Morlee Maynard, Ministry Specialist Church Library Ministry

LifeWay Christian Resources Phone: 615.618.9459

Librarian? Check out our web sites: or


As you probably know, we were formerly know as Virginia Baptist Library Association. In October 2014 we voted to change the name to Virginia Church Library Association.

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