Virginia Church Library Association Celebrating 63 years Established 1958 Serving together to promote Church Library Ministry
Virginia Church Library Association Celebrating 63 yearsEstablished 1958 Serving together to promote Church Library Ministry

Planning for Promotion


Plan church library promotion carefully. Determine the purpose and choose a theme around which to build the promotion ideas.

*** Check the church and denomination calendars for upcoming events.

*** Look at the library circulation records and check for areas that need promotion emphasis.

*** Decide what emphasis should be the basis for promotion in the library --- for example, holiday          theme, Christian growth, parenting, VBS, witnessing, etc.

*** Decide on the kind of promotion that will be most effective for the purpose.

*** Plan a schedule for promotion. Determine HOW the plans will be carried out, WHO will do                  WHAT, and WHEN it should be done.

*** The library should have a new attractive display each month in the window or on a bulletin                board. Also library information should be put in other parts of the church, and in the church              bulletin or newsletter at regular intervals.

***  Evaluate after the promotion by results and overall effect. ALWAYS thank everyone who helped         with the promotion.

***  ALWAYS thank everyone who helped with the promotion!

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