Virginia Church Library Association Celebrating 65 years Established November 12, 1958 Serving Together to Promote Church Library Ministry in the Commonwealth of Virginia and Beyond!
Virginia Church Library Association Celebrating 65 years Established November 12, 1958 Serving Together to Promote Church Library Ministry in the Commonwealth of Virginia and Beyond!

Space and Furnishings

Adequate space and attractive furnishings help to create an inviting environment for the church library. It determines the public image of the ministry and says the church library is important to the life of the church.


Suggestions to consider when planning the space and furnishings of your church library:



In a highly visible, high traffic area.

In the same area as church offices for safety and for heating/cooling during the week.

Sink in workroom or nearby.

Give attention to expansion possibilities when choosing a location site.



14' X 24' should be minimum for basic materials and services. Ideal size should be determined by types of services provided.


Layout and furnishings

A rectangular space is easier to work with than a square space.

Have adequate number and location of electric outlets for lamps and computers. Consider locating Circulation Desk near door for greeting and easy checkout. Shelving should be arranged in three sections:

Children (ages 0-7)

Space removed from traffic flow

Shelving and collection at eye-level

Consider area rug and/or pillows

Include large, colorful toys/art work to enhance the library theme/holiday


Juvenile (ages 8-11)

Shelving no higher than 5'

Located near children's area

Appropriately-sized table and chairs, or benches made or purchased, if allowed



Shelved together in adjustable 3' wide 6'10" high bookcases

Double-faced units can increase shelving capacity

At least 1 table with adult-sized chairs (4 to 6)


Leisure space

If space allows, several comfortable chairs arranged in a conversational grouping. Accessories might include a small table, lamp and plants.

Located near leisure periodicals, featured fiction, DVDs, and CDs.


Promotion space

Display window with full visibility into library from corridor. Bulletin boards located in high traffic areas, if allowed. Tops of shelving and wide window sills.


Storage and work space

Include cabinets or shelves for storing repair supplies, media waiting to be processed or repaired, and promotion items and supplies.




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