Virginia Church Library Association Celebrating 65 years Established November 12, 1958 Serving Together to Promote Church Library Ministry in the Commonwealth of Virginia and Beyond!
Virginia Church Library Association Celebrating 65 years Established November 12, 1958 Serving Together to Promote Church Library Ministry in the Commonwealth of Virginia and Beyond!


1. Every library handout should be on colored paper. Always use the same distinctive color if possible.

2. When you know the interests and needs of certain individuals, especially teachers and group                  leaders, email them and tell them about new materials.

3. Publish a library newsletter once a quarter. In addition to library news, it can include puzzles, poems,      work done by children's Sunday School classes, etc

4. Have a reception in the library for church teachers and leaders when the new church year starts.

5. Be sure library news is where people will see it. You can put it on stands in the foyers, hang mobiles      from ceilings, put posters on doors, etc.

6. Design a bookmark that advertises your library. On the back, you can put promotional blurbs, such          as "Have you read these books by..." or "Have you read these new fiction books: ..."

7. Make a library brochure giving library hours, procedures, and other pertinent information including          the list of library staff. Keep brochures available in the library and in church entrances. Be sure one         is included in each new member's packet.

8. Invite the new members' class to the library for a short orientation.

9. Prepare mediagraphies for study groups — such as groups on grief, the Holy Spirit, dieting,                    marriage, parenting, etc.

IO.Volunteer to have the devotions at planning meetings of leaders. Use library materials and let them         know what they are.


11. Put up a media display table at dinners and other special events and let people check out the items        on display.

12. Invite a group of potential users (maybe older children) into the library at a specific time to do a              specific job. When the work is finished, serve refreshments.

13. As a ministry, have older children or teenagers adopt a section of the library to keep it clean and in          order.

14. Take pictures of people using the library materials, and make a bulletin board or window display.



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