Virginia Church Library Association Celebrating 65 years Established November 12, 1958 Serving Together to Promote Church Library Ministry in the Commonwealth of Virginia and Beyond!
Virginia Church Library Association Celebrating 65 years Established November 12, 1958 Serving Together to Promote Church Library Ministry in the Commonwealth of Virginia and Beyond!

Basic Library Processing Supplies


Manual                                                                                                     Computer             

Accession records book                                                       Computer generated accession list  
Accession sheets    
Entry index cards                                                                    Data entry forms    
Catalog cards (white/green)

Library ownership stamp 

Date stamp    
Withdrawn stamp    
Stamp pad and ink 


Book pockets (opaque/clear)    
Book cards (white/green)    
Date due slips (if not printed on pockets)    
Labels and label protectors    
Book jacket covers — various sizes    
Jacket attaching tape    
Hinge mending tape    
Spine and corner reinforcing tape    
Self-adhesive laminate    
Page mending tape    
Book plates (in memory/honor).    
Charging tray and tray guides 

Clear cases (with pockets) for videos    
Replacement cases for CDs and DVDs    
Black indelible fine point pen  

Vertical File    
File folders and labels    
Ziplock storage bags    
Clear page protectors    
Acid-free gel pens    
Acid-free paper  

Glue or rubber cement    
Paper clips    
Screwdrivers, both standard, and Phillips    
Scissors and Pliers    




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