Virginia Church Library Association Celebrating 65 years Established November 12, 1958 Serving Together to Promote Church Library Ministry in the Commonwealth of Virginia and Beyond!
Virginia Church Library Association Celebrating 65 years Established November 12, 1958 Serving Together to Promote Church Library Ministry in the Commonwealth of Virginia and Beyond!

Why Automate ?

To keep up with the trends.
People notice if we stay up with times and technology.
Even though our libraries have a different purpose for existing, we are compared to public and school libraries as far as operations are concerned.

To make librarians' job easier.
No one — including some church staff— has a more overwhelming job than church librarians! Churches owe it to their librarians to make their jobs as easy as possible. Automation is one of those answers.

To save both time and money.
Many jobs can be done more efficiently. Think of card catalog files and catalog cards! One input in the computer will allow you to do multiple functions and give you the information needed for all cards. An on-line catalog makes the printing, filing and expense of cards obsolete.

To help to better organize.
Steps for the operation of and responsibilities for the library functions are greatly enhanced because you do things in an orderly way. It is easier to delegate.

To increase usability of libraries.
Became of the fantastic operation of a good software program, it is much easier to find what you need. Ease of searching the on-line catalog for title, author, subject headings, memorials, honorariums, etc. makes it fun as well as very informational.

To make more efficient librarians.
Think of mediagraphies. They can be made on the spot in minutes. You can make lists of sections of the library for inventory and evaluation.

To make reporting a simple task.
Circulation reports can be a snap with the circulation feature of the software. Tracking and contacting patrons with overdue media is done with ease. A holdings report can give the insurance committee the information needed for coverage of the library. An instant list of titles, accession and shelf lists, subject headings and other such lists can be printed.

These are only a few of the reasons for automation. Perhaps you can name others. One thing stands out — if we do not want to be left behind in the areas of automation and reaching people through media, we must add another dimension of service to our church media library program.

Eva Nell Hunter
Automation conference 02 (Revised)

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